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All said and done, newspaper has its own importance in spite of people are flooded with gadgets. Publishing an ad in newspaper has more mileage and it reaches a very matured crowd. On the contrary not all newspaper has that weightage. Some are one-sided and will favor a particular party. That’s where we come in to play, we help in identifying a newspaper that is not biased and at the same time it has its respect among the public. We have a creative team to design a ad for you. Our representative will be in touch in all phased of marketing. We understand your requirements and based on that our team will come up with creative ad, which will be reviewed and approved by you before publishing. We can get you some amazing discounts from the newspaper company as we give them the regular ads for long time. We had blocked some slots and days with Newspaper Company well in advance. We can make use of that space for your advertisement at the 11th hour.

1. Newspaper readers are voters

2. Newspapers are credible

3. Newspapers consistently reach voters

4. Newspapers reach crucial undecided voters

5. Newspapers are reliable

6. Newspapers make targeting easy

7. Newspapers can provide more information to voters

8. It’s easy to advertise in newspapers

9. All politics is local

10. Newspapers are an essential part of a successful media mix

And there are many more to it…please reach out to our political consultant @ 080-64991999,64994999 our person will detail you about each and every services that we offer..we will be happy to have you as our esteem client.

Below are different services we offer for the Political Parties and Leaders to get maximum vote bank and get political mileage for the leaders ,Please click on the service to get more details.

Contact us @ +91-9036005278 , +91-98458 05278


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